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  • Thyme & Olive Leaf Travel Candle | 25+ Hours Burn Time

    A unique blend of fresh olive leaf, lemon thyme and bergamot combined with subtle notes of sandalwood and rose.

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    Top Notes: Lemon Thyme, Lime

    Heart Notes: Olive Leaf, Bergamot

    Base Notes: Sandalwood, Rose


    We embrace the significance of slow living and relaxation. Through our soothing wooden wicks that burn with a relaxing crackling sound, natural coconut soy wax, and distinctive fragrances, we create a sensory experience that enables you to unwind and discover tranquillity in your daily routine.


    120g | 50mm H x 75mm W | 25+ Hours Burn Time


    Q. What type of wick is used?

    A. We use 100% natural and eco-friendly wooden wicks that are sourced from FSC-certified mills. There are many benefits to wooden wicks, the most renowned is the calming soft crackling sound they make, reminiscent of a log fire. They burn cleaner than cotton wicks with no carbon build up and burn slower than traditional wicks, resulting in a much longer burn time of your Hutwoods candle.

    Q. What type of wax do you use?

    A. We use a 100% natural blend of soy coconut wax. This is plant based making it one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable waxes. It is composed of non-petroleum renewable resources, derived from high yield crops of coconut and soy beans. It’s a fully biodegradable wax, free from pesticides and herbicides and kosher certified. Benefits of soy coconut wax is that it produces less smoke, less soot, non-toxic and far better for the environment.

    Q. Do your candles produce a strong scent throw?

    A. This is one of thing things we are most known for. Our fragrances are infused using natural essential oils combined with fine fragrance oils, selected for their individual characteristics. Our candles are carefully blended at melting point, so your Hutwoods candle will deliver a consistent and unmatched scent throw throughout its life span.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews
    S.B. (Sydney, Australia)
    Perfect Sympathy Gift

    I purchase a lot of corporate gifts from Hutwoods, these candles in particular as they look great and they keep on giving to the recipient, beats flowers that die too quick these days. Your recipient gets to grow herbs with the seeds that are provided in the stylish vessel once they have used the candle. The candle fragrances are subtle and not overpowering.

    Deb White (Sydney, Australia)

    I absolutely love this candle. Looks perfect and the scent is amazing. Will be buying more as gifts and for myself.

    J.H. (Sydney, Australia)
    Beautiful gift

    I bought this candle as a gift to take overseas. The packaging is beautiful and I love that it is authentically made in Australia with Sydney embossed on bith the candle itself & the beautiful box it comes in. Also when the candle is finished my friend can grow herbs in the container. A beautiful gift. Very well received.

    Glenn.B (Melbourne, Australia)
    Superb !

    This is undoubtedly the scent ever ! It is sublime! Please make in a larger version

    Samantha Binns (Wollongong, Australia)
    Over the years, Hutwoods just keeps getting better and better!

    We have been using Bec and the team from Hutwoods to provide gifts for our staff for years. They are innovative and coming up with new products all the time. Although we tend to always revert back to the luxury candle range as they give three times. The beautiful candle, stunning vessel and then the herbs that can be planted and grown as a great memory of the occasion.